All current applications and reviews are posted here to ensure transparency and increase awareness.

Recent Applications

Project Date Proposal Status / Final Outcome
7/7/2011 Strong Memorial Hospital - Wound Care

Strong Memorial Hospital proposes to establish a wound care extension clinic at 160 Sawgrass Drive, Rochester.


7/6/2011 Geneva General Hospital - DaVinci Robot

Geneva General Hospital proposes to acquire a daVinci robot.


5/23/2011 Clifton Springs - DaVinci

Clifton Springs Hospital proposes to acquire a daVinci robot.


5/19/2011 Highland Hospital - DaVinci

Highland Hospital proposes to add a second daVinci robot.

CTAAB concluded there is need for the second surgical robot:

  • Patient and provider demand for robotic surgery continues to increase.
  • Indications for robotic surgery are expanding.
  • Available surgical robots in the region are operating close to capacity.
  • Highland Hospital has an established robotic surgery program with a dedicated surgical team.

The surgical robot is expected to be installed and ready for use by the end of 2011.

3/24/2011 Sleep & Wellness Center of Western NY

Sleep & Wellness Center of Western New York proposes to open a sleep center in Brockport, NY.

CTAAB concluded there is need for the proposed services:   

  • The sleep center will nominally serve areas, primarily in Orleans County, which experience less access to sleep diagnostic services than other areas in the region.
  • There are extensive wait times at existing services that could potentially serve these areas.
  • The sleep center and consulting sleep specialist physician accept all insurances, including Medicaid.
  • The specification of an operational date is moot; the sleep center is currently operational.  

CTAAB also addressed concerns that the sleep facility was built and marketed to the community prior to CTAAB review.  In the context of that discussion the applicant offered to identify for the payers patients who received sleep services prior to the May 17 CTAAB approval of the sleep center and will forgo reimbursement for services to these patients.

3/24/2011 Geneva General Hospital - Sleep Lab

Geneva General Hospital proposes to expand its sleep laboratory from four to six beds.

CTAAB concluded there is need for the additional beds:

  • As presently operated (six beds, four nights per week), the capacity being utilized is the same as that previously available (four beds, six nights per week).
  • The present operation provides for more stable staffing patterns.
  • The specification of an operational date is moot; the number of sleep beds has already been expanded.

The following conditions were also recommended by CTAAB:

  • The applicant return to CTAAB for approval before expanding into additional nights’ use of the six-bed capacity.

The applicant provide annual monitoring data for Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency staff such that there is a measure of use of the six-bed unit.

2/8/2011 Rochester General Hospital - Imaging Center

Rochester General Hospital proposes to establish an imaging center at 214 Alexander Park, Rochester, to include general x-ray, dexa scanning, ultrasound, CT, and digital mammography.

CTAAB concluded there is need for proposed services:   

  • Imaging services are not available at Alexander Park, where there is a substantial number of physician practices and more practices are expected to locate. 
  • The proposed center would expand geographic access to care. 
  • Approximately 35% of revenue would be derived from Medicaid.
  • When CT scanning services are available at the Alexander Park site, use of the oldest and least used of the three CT scanners currently on site at Rochester General Hospital will be discontinued.  The two CT scanners remaining in operation at Rochester General Hospital will be sufficient to handle the volume of scans for inpatients, emergency department patients, and outpatients continuing to use the hospital imaging services.
  • The anticipated operational date for the imaging center is the end of the first quarter 2012.  

If the applicant makes a future request for a CT scanner at the hospital site, it must demonstrate that all possible efforts have been made to move outpatient scans to the Alexander Park site.

12/21/2010 Rochester Radiology - PET/CT

Rochester Radiology proposes to place a fixed PET/CT unit at 1255 Portland Avenue, Rochester, replacing a mobile unit currently in use.

CTAAB concluded there is need for the fixed PET-CT:

  • Clinical need for PET scanning continues to expand.
  • Clinical quality and patient comfort and safety will likely be improved.

Anticipated project completion date is six to nine months.

10/27/2010 Medina Memorial - MRI

Medina Memorial Health Care System proposes to certify MRI as a service to be provided through a mobile unit.

CTAAB concluded there is a need for the proposed MRI.

  • The proposed service would add MRI services to a hospital where it does not currently exist.
  • The proposed service would add geographic access.
  • The hospital is projecting appropriate levels of access for financially disadvantaged patient groups.
2/4/2010 Exigence Group - CT

The Exigence Group proposes to locate a CT scanner in a new urgent care center at 2745 West Ridge Road, Greece.