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Recent Applications

Project Date Proposal Status / Final Outcome
2/1/2007 Strong Memorial Hospital - CT and MRI

Strong Memorial Hospital proposes to add a 64-slice CT scanner and a 1.0T open MRI.

CTAAB concluded there is need for the proposed 64-slice CT scanner:

      • There is evidence supporting an institutional need despite the lack of community-wide need for additional CT scanner capacity;
      • The need for the proposed unit is not premised on cardiac imaging;
      • Anticipated project operational date is first quarter 2008.

CTAAB concluded there is need for an open MRI unit at Strong Memorial Hospital (SMH):

    • Certain classes of patients (obese, pediatric, ICU) would experience improved quality of imaging and improved safety with the use of an open MRI;
    • There are few community alternatives to provide open MRI services to SMH patients;
    • Anticipated operational date is first quarter 2008.
1/1/2007 Cardiac CT Angiography

Cardiac CT Angiography:  Using CT scans to visualize coronary arteries has been receiving increasing attention.  Although insurers have considered this technique investigational, the published scientific evidence has been growing. 

Based on its review of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) report on Cardiac CT Angiography, CTAAB recommends to insurers that:

    • Cardiac-related CT angiography by advanced CT scanners (CTA) should be accepted for insurance coverage.  Coverage should be limited, however:
      • Cardiac CT angiography should be approved and reimbursed when careful clinical assessment by a cardiologist finds that the patient has a low to moderate pre-test risk of coronary artery disease and the test will resolve clinical uncertainty;
      • Cardiac CT angiography should not be approved or reimbursed when the test is done for screening purposes;
      • Cardiac CT angiography will only be reimbursed when ordered by a cardiologist.

Calcium scoring should be reimbursed when performed as part of a contrast enhanced cardiac CT angiography study which is otherwise clinically indicated;

  • The quality of machine and training requirements of those interpreting cardiac CT angiography tests should be further evaluated by the insurers.
  • Consistent with the TAC Cardiac CT Angiography Report, CTAAB has established as operating policies to:


  • Review all requests for increase in the number of CT scanners.  As part of the analysis of such a proposal, review the ICD-9 or other diagnostic codes to determine if the current and/or projected volume of scans is justified only on the basis of cardiac-related procedures;
  • Permit current CT providers to continue to replace units one-for-one with the level of unit they believe is appropriate.
1/1/2007 Pluta Cancer Center - Linear Accelerator

Pluta Cancer Center proposes to add a second linear accelerator.

CTAAB concluded there is need for the proposed linear accelerator:

  • While Monroe County facilities are utilized at benchmark levels, Pluta Cancer Center is over-utilized; its volume greatly exceeds benchmarks;
  • Pluta Cancer Center is the only program in the region without treatment capacity redundancy, either on site or at an affiliated site, leaving its patients at risk of treatment interruption;
  • Pluta Cancer Center is the natural service area for Southeast Rochester and Monroe County which have received less than average radiation therapy, compared with the local average adjusted for age/sex/race and cancer incidence (based on information provided by the New York State);
  • The second linear accelerator is expected to be functional by April 1, 2008.
8/1/2006 Strong Memorial Hospital - Sleep Center

Strong Memorial Hospital proposes to add a facility with four exam/sleep rooms to accommodate the evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders in children.

CTAAB concluded there is need for the proposed expansion:

  • Existing space is nearing its limits; wait times are long; and there is a backlog of pediatric patients needing sleep studies.
  • Specialized pediatric staff, increased staff-to-patient ratio and pediatric-friendly environment promote quality of care.
  • The anticipated project completion date is March 2007.
7/1/2006 Strong Memorial Hospital - Electrophysiology Lab

Strong Memorial Hospital proposes to add an electrophysiology lab and to replace and renovate an existing electrophysiology lab.  

CTAAB concluded there is a need for the proposed electrophysiology lab addition and renovations:

  • EP patient volume is increasing as a result of new indications, aging of the population, and increasing referrals.
  • The projected volume and time demand on the existing labs will exceed the present capacity.
  • The anticipated project completion date is July 2007.
6/1/2006 Nicholas Noyes Memorial Hospital - Renal Dialysis

Nicholas Noyes Memorial Hospital proposes to open a 12-station chronic renal dialysis center in Geneseo.  

CTAAB concluded there is a need for the proposed dialysis unit:

  • There is need in the region for new capacity.
  • The proposed unit will increase geographic access for Livingston County patients.
  • There is strong support from county government.
  • The anticipated project completion date is June 2007.
6/1/2006 Park Ridge Hospital - Sleep Center

Park Ridge Hospital proposes to relocate its Sleep Disorders Center to 919 Westfall Road , Rochester ; this site will accommodate an additional two beds.  

CTAAB concluded there is a need for the proposed relocation and expansion:

  • There is high occupancy at the Unity Sleep Center and other sleep centers in the community.
  • Patient volume is growing substantially and cannot be accommodated in the existing capacity.
  • Patients experience long wait times for appointments.
  • The anticipated project completion date is January 2007.
5/1/2006 Strong Memorial Hospital - Rennovations

Strong Memorial Hospital proposes to renovate existing space to allow (1) the reopening of ten licensed medical/surgical beds in a unit that will be designed to accommodate patients with behavioral problems and (2) the relocation of a psychiatric outpatient program.  

CTAAB concluded there is a need for the proposed renovation:

  • The specialty unit would be designed and staffed to care for medical-surgical patients with mental health overlays.
  • Present occupancy level at the hospital is excessive.
  • The anticipated project completion date is April 2007
4/1/2006 Strong Memorial Hospital - DaVinci Robot

Strong Memorial Hospital proposes to add a da Vinci robot for use in the operating room. 

CTAAB concluded there is a need for the proposed da Vinci robot:

  • The volume of robotically-assisted surgery at SMH is approaching the capacity of the existing system.
  • Access to this capacity is maintained with the addition of a second robot.
  • Quality of care is improved with minimally-invasive surgery.
  • The robot will be operational in six to twelve months (i.e., by June 2007).
4/1/2006 Highland Hospital - Relocate Breast Care Center

Highland Hospital proposes to relocate a Breast Care Center from the hospital to Red Creek Drive.  

CTAAB concluded there is a need for the proposed relocation:

  • The Breast Care Center needs relief from the space constraints of the hospital site in order to expand in size and abilities.
  • Screening services will continue to be available at the hospital for those patients who cannot, or do not want to, go to the new center.  Bus service is available to the new site, and the sponsor will seek improvements in service as needed.
  • There is a potential for increase in geographic access to care.
  • The project does not appear to add to community cost except through increases in patient volume.
  • The anticipated project completion date is February 2007.
  • This recommendation is for approval of the relocation of the center and is not an approval or denial of any specific technology.